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Lambrate, the fashionable district (“quartiere”) , is located within Zone 3, the administrative division of Milan, 6 km north-east of the city centre. The district is well known for Parco Lambro, a large urban park established in 1934. The River Lambo rises from the Monte San Primo, elevation 1,685 metres (5,528 ft.), near the famous Madonna Ghisallo hill, not far from Lake Como. The Lambro passes through Brianza then reaching Monza before crossing its famous park (where king Umberto I was assassinated by Gaetano Bresci) in two branches which join again before the river passes through the eastern part of Milan. The Lambro finally flows into the River Po near Orio Litta. The Lambro is derived from Lambrus, which corresponds to Greek ἐλαφρός, meaning ‘light (in weight), quick, nimble’ and is related to Illyrian lembus ‘light vehicle’ whence also Greek λέμβος. Lambretta riders are commonly referred to as Lambrettis !!!!!!